About Us

 Target Auto Leasing started selling and leasing cars in June of 1996.. Since our first days our principles have always been the same, customer service and great prices are among the most important. Our corporate office is located in Brooklyn NY.In addition we have Associated Representatives and Affiliated offices in Gaithersburg MD, West Roxburry MA and Miami FL. We always strive to be the best lease broker around and we would love the chance to prove it. We are dedicated to ensure excellent service and hassle free lease prices to all of our customers.In the past, leasing a car involved spending hours at different dealerships dealing with inconsistent prices, overwhelming options, and intimidating sales people. You would spend countless hours haggling over prices and constantly worrying about getting ripped off. Technology has greatly improved the consumer market. We can now buy anything and everything over the Internet or by telephone, so why not buy or lease a car the same way? . We feel that buying or leasing a car should be an enjoyable, simple experience. We understand that choosing a car can be overwhelming. Therefore, we have designed Target Auto Leasing with great search features that allow you to sort by brand, price range, car model, or any combination. Our site has detailed information, pictures, and videos for each car so that you can conveniently do your research from the comfort of your own home.

Our staff uses a zero pressure approach, has been acclaimed for being knowledgeable, efficient in helping you choose the right car. Our fixed prices ensure that the lowest available price is offered right from the start. This helps you save hours of negotiation.

Once you choose your car we will make arrangements to have the car delivered to you, whether it be at your home or office. Our delivery specialists will walk you through the necessary paperwork and the details of the car..We are a truly full service company! We will handle everything for you from calling your insurance agent to getting the license plates to customizing your vehicle with aftermarket equipment

How it works

 We are lease and finance brokers, we sell any make or model new car. Most people don't understand the concept of Auto Brokers and how they can save you money? To make it simple, we sell so many cars! We buy volume that's why we can get you a great deal. The cars we lease are from THE DEALERSHIPS wholesale DEPARTMENT, you are buying the car WHOLESALE not RETAIL!!! Most of the dealerships in our network are fleet oriented. They are interest in only selling volume, they need to reach a certain amount of cars sold so they could receive bonus money from the manufacturers. This is the main reason our cars are so cheap, the dealerships are not interested in making money on the car, they just wanna move volume!

The customer never signs any paperwork with Target Auto Leasing, The lease agreement is between you and the dealership we simply broker you the best deal.  There is absolutely no difference between leasing the car from us or the dealership. The only difference is we save you money!!! There is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever.

Let�s go over what we recommend you do before you lease or purchase your new car. It can really be annoying or time consuming to lease a new car and most people end up overpaying or making wrong decisions. These are the steps we recommend you take before leasing your new car.

  1. Choose a car that fits in your price range.
  2. Visit the dealership and test drive the car, make sure you are comfortable driving it.
  3. When you're at the dealership find out what options you want.
  4. The questions you should ask the dealership are:

Find out the manufacturer suggested retail price also known as MSRP of the vehicle. With your MSRP we will know exactly what options are in the car and its total value. That way we can get you and exact price.

If you don't want to visit the dealership you can also get the msrp on the car manufacturers web site by building it. When you get the MSRP give us a call Toll Free (877) 484-8001 or email sales@targetautoleasing.com

We are always cheaper than ANY DEALER!!!